Nutrients Vitamins

Nutrients, Vitamins, Vegetable And (Large) Grandmothers

Enjoy real food, mainly Nutrients Vitamins Vegetable and eat less

Nutrients Vitamins Vegetable: This is a simple and compact answer to journalist and writer Mikheil Polan on a difficult and confusing question: how can we feed healthily?

Dietologists advise one, one of the friends – the other; One of the advertisements tells us that the numeral pyramids produced by the official institutions are written differently.

Nutrients Vitamins Vegetable: Calories, micro-and microelectronics, sodium, semi-oxygen and transplants, cholesterol, useful and harmful carbohydrates – We live in a time when only eating a ritual for life or gourmet pleasures; Eat the science field and the food industry. Today it is important not only food but also nutrients. These invisible biological elements can only be observed in laboratory conditions and we are moving with specialists to determine the diets. And we study scientifically: we study and get nutrients. Hence, we do not remember that eating is a pleasure, unity, and spirituality.

Nutrients Vitamins
Nutrients Vitamins

The expression of our relationship with our outside world is our identity. Now we are surprised to see the neighbors’ daily meal, rather than letting them get the necessary food items in the future with intravenous, pub, tote-toot, or USB cable.
However, before the electronic dinner, we come to the masses, and while we still look at what food we give to our children, some of the tips are “really good” for food:

Reduce the food from the diary menu to see what your (grand) grandmother looked like

Nutrients, Vitamins: I already understand dissatisfied shouting. Wait. Wait. I do not mean that only the hammer and smelled Bulgari eat. Recycled food, which is full of supermarket shelves, is really qualitatively different from the products our ancestors used in the kitchen. For example, the ready breakfast – Now I look at the one-do-you duo variant. What do you think of these black and white balls? Grain or beef? How can we boil Let’s lay in the chart – Such questions raised by the great-grandmother (enough) are enough to look at the nutritional needs of the food and make it more “real”?

Avoid products that are more than 5 ingredients

( Nutrients Vitamins )

Nutrients Vitamins Vegetable: To do this, we need to be familiar with the ingredients of the product packaging. On the same breakfast, you read: “Cereal: white wheat flour, wheat flour, rice flour, sugar, glucose syrup, cocoa powder, palm oil, cocoa butter, milk powder, salt, fatty cocoa powder, dextrose, aromatizer, Dysgium phosphate, emulsifier, sunflower lecithin “. This is followed by a list of vitamins and minerals.

One of the ingredients to read is the correct pronunciation and understanding of the second. Here’s another guide: Avoid products that are incomprehensible and hard-to-understand components. Not because these ingredients are necessarily dangerous for health (the ingredient also has), their bounty indicates that the product is very productive and therefore the food is not in the primary sense, but the product produced in the factory.

Diversify the ratio ( Nutrients Vitamins )

Nutrients, Vitamins: With the reduction of “synthetic” products, the curtain has new opportunities. Without them they can be varied – look for vegetables, greens, unrefined cereals, legumes, fruits, and nuts – how do you think it is not enough to make interesting culinary combinations? You can forget the spices and their shades, with the help of their reduction of salt and the taste of the flavor you will be able to feed the animal’s origin only as a garnish – which is also beneficial.

Enjoy local, seasonal products

Nutrients Vitamins Vegetable: Do you remember the wishes of the first strawberry or tarragon meal at the season? Did you too like me to look at the first Baluchi?

I am wondering how do modern contemporary evil stepmothers treat their gars? The berries in the winter are no longer a hard task, nor do they enter the supermarket. Today what you want, when you want it, everything is available: this is the phrase spoken by “you say money …” will follow. The paradox is that the love, sprouting, clean and time-consuming product is more expensive than the berries that have no birthdays …

Do not be scared of the high price of cabbage, if you know what is in it. If you can, buy it directly from the peasant. More expensive? Buy a little bit. And enjoy a bit, but with rudeness – this is the case when it’s less than that.

You yourself and others

Nutrients Vitamins Vegetable: If you go from the offices and hotel rooms to the kitchen, the meal will be easier. The first step is difficult to take, otherwise, curiosity will disrupt the fear of eating. Even the belief in your own will strengthen the feedback – make and share with others a real, healthy, loving food.

Only in this way it is possible to see the grassy, hardened and mixed grassy network of each other. The connection between plants and farmers, peasants and chefs, cooks and guests. In such relationships, there are so many nuances that the health of the “health” does not even matter because it is a matter.

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